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Artificial intelligence detects and records vehicle damage

One of the biggest hurdles for professional dealers in the online marketing of used cars is the comprehensive and thorough vehicle registration. This process turns out to be time-consuming and nerve-wracking with many conventional platforms. Photos have to be taken, edited and uploaded separately. This is followed by the tedious manual process of recording, marking and describing damage to the vehicle.

We have already done away with this cumbersome practice by introducing the native app for IOS and Android, making the entire process of buying and selling even easier and faster. The complete vehicle registration is done via smartphone and can be completed in less than 10 minutes, automatic basic data import via FIN-SCAN and photo upload included.


Vehicle detection with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence now supports the recording and description of the vehicle's condition.

The system guides the user through the process in a simple and easy-to-understand step-by-step manner. All that is required is 8 photos with which the vehicle is captured from all relevant perspectives. The system simply specifies the subject, angle and image detail using a "template" displayed on the cell phone screen.

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Automatic condition report

After the pictures have been taken, the system analyzes the vehicle's condition in real time (the user can continue working in the app in the meantime), creates a digital condition report within minutes and marks any defects or damage on the photos created. The condition report can be used directly for the vehicle's listing on the auction platform or can be saved and edited temporarily - for example, if repairs need to be made later.

"With the introduction of artificial intelligence, we are giving our members a significant competitive advantage and providing an innovative, real-world solution to one of the biggest inhibitors to building the digital business model: fast, accurate and easy vehicle capture.

Our system supports the dealer in this process, learning with each vehicle captured and demonstrating the enormous potential that lies in digital solutions - this is a path we will continue to follow in the future."

Set up your car in just 7 minutes

Scan VIN, take pictures, fill in data - in just a few steps you can adjust your car. The subject, angle and image detail are specified, then the damage and defects are automatically marked and described.

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